Our Mission Statement

Domint international Christian Centre for Pneumapreneurship

is set up to provide sound biblical and entrepreneurship training aimed at helping believers to identify and build their God-given talents through which they can start and grow a business, career, ministry or function that exists for the common good. Domint Centre exists for the building up of the body of Christ and for believers’ dominion on earth in their various endeavors.

We believe that gifts and talents can be expressed through businesses, ministries and careers.

We encourage believers to stop wasting resources and responsibilities committed unto them by God for the benefit of His kingdom and humanity. We are practically a teaching ministry so we carry out our mandate through seminars, forums, trainings, periodic teachings, conferences and presentations.

Various Arms Of The Ministry .


Business and Career

A major aspect of our ministry is to encourage believers to be business owners for this is part of what will expand the kingdom of God when believers can take ownership of the market place and start businesses through which kingdom related ministries can be funded.


Marriage and Singlehood Ministry

This ministry is targeted at married couples and singles and the aim is to encourage them to profit the kingdom of God through their lives either as a single or married. We encourage singles to see their singlehood as a gift to serve God thoroughly and unhindered and not as a period to moan and waste.


Parenting And Family

Parenting is both a gift and a ministry which is given graciously by God with its attendant responsibility and accountability. The foundation for this arm of the ministry is found in the book of Malachi 2:15. It is for the building up of parents to raise godly seeds who will be the Pneumapreneurs of tomorrow.

We Equip Believers
For Purposeful And Profitable Lifestyles.

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Our Activities And Engagements

Consulting And Assessment For Start-Ups And Growth

• We take individuals through the discovering, starting, growing and establishment of your business, ministry or career
• We help Christian business networks to start & grow


• We help ministry leaders to train workers & ministry volunteers for effectiveness in the ministry.
• We train ministry & business Leaders for greater effectiveness in their chosen fields

Coaching and Mentoring

• God desires success in ministry Josh 1:8. We are very passionate about success in the ministry to which individuals have been called.
• We also advise on how to recognise suitable mentors and help ministry and business starters to find who can rightly mentor them.

Family Forums

• We organise quarterly forums on parenting, family, marriage and singlehood.
• We organise bi-annual dinner to bring together ministry heads and business people for networking and exchange of ideas for growth and expansion.

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