Unit8: DLY

Developing the Leader in you


To show Pneumapreneurs that God has called them as leaders

To show learners that there is a reason for leadership

To examine the demands for purposeful leadership

To show learners how to develop their teaching skill as an important tool for leadership


Leaders are people on a mission. Mission is the answer to what is missing in the life of people. Mission is finding the missing link in the lives of others. It is paramount for leaders to know their source, the reason why they are leaders and what leadership demands from them. Leaders are also expected to be teachers so they ought to know what makes a great teacher. The understanding of this is what makes leaders purposeful.

Lesson outline

There are four lessons 

Lesson 1: God makes leaders

Lesson 2: The Reason for Leadership

Lesson 3: The demand for leadership

Lesson 4: Leaders as teachers