Unit7: 7DP

The 7 Ds of successful Pneumapreneurs


To discuss the seven keys to a life of success as a Pneumapreneur

To show how to apply the seven keys to every lifeā€™s endeavour


Success in life is what everyone looks for in business, career or ministry because it is good and fulfilling. It is what everyone desires and work for. But the truth is that it doesn’t come easy so we need to apply some keys to unlock its door.

This unit sets out the seven principles or keys which we refer to as the 7Ds that ensure lasting success.

It also discusses how we can develop them.

Lesson outline

Lesson 1: Why The seven keys to Pneumapreneurship success

Lesson 2: The 7Ds and their significance

7 DisciplineĀ 

6 Diligence

5 Denial

4 Dedication or devotionĀ 

3 Drive (Zeal, inner flame, passion)Ā 

2 Determination or DoggednessĀ 

2.1 Daring (risk taking, courage, boldness