Unit6: PPP

The Pneumapreneurship Process


To introduce to students the process an idea goes through from Incubation to Harvest

To show students the importance of reliance on the Holy Spirit for every stage of idea development

To instil perseverance and patience in learners so they can see their idea mature to harvest stage


God is the originator of all things Gen 1:1, John 1:1-3 including the ministries and callings within the church. The Holy Spirit is the giver according to 1 Cor 12:11

All these things [the gifts, the achievements, the abilities, the empowering] are brought about by one and the same [Holy] Spirit, distributing to each one individually just as He chooses.

Phil 2:13 for it is God who is in you both to will and to do his good pleasure 

Lesson outline

Lesson 1: What is the Pneumapreneurship process?

Lesson 2: The 7 Stages of Pneumapreneurship process

Lesson 2.1: The Incubation

Lesson 2.2: The Conception

Lesson 2.3: The Nurturing

Lesson 2.4: The birth

Lesson 2.5: The Naming

Lesson 2.6: The Growth

Lesson 2.7: The Harvest