Unit5: PPSD

The Pneuma-Process of Self-Discovery


To show learners the process of discovering who they are

To show learners the importance of knowing who they are

To discuss the four categories of human beings

To provide learners with keys to discovering who they are


Everyone in life at one point in time or the other will face the dilemma of wanting to know who they really are

Your life’s package contains so many distinguishing occurrences that the Lord has allowed so you can be who He wants you to be.

Your spiritual, physiological, psychological, social, economic and environmental experiences and make-up have all teamed up together to make you the person you are today

Nothing happens by chance in the dictionary of God

Discovery is not limited to your spiritual journey alone but what your physiological abilities are made of

Lesson outline

Lesson 1: Defining Self-discovery

Lesson 2: Biblical truths about you

Lesson 3: Three Categories of Human beings

Lesson 3.1: The Mouth category

Lesson 3.2: The Limb Category

Lesson 3.3: The Divergent

Lesson 3.4: The emergent

Lesson 4: Keys to self-discovery

Lesson 5: Practical discovery