Unit5: PPF

The Pneumapreneurship Flow


To show Pneumapreneurs the real work that brings vision to fruition

To show the different compartments of the pneumapreneurship flow

To instil perseverance and patience in Pneumapreneurs so they can see the positive outcome of their travails


Inspiration is given in order for solutions to be provided for the diverse needs of the society. The Holy Spirit who is the giver of inspirations expect action to be taken.

From the moment an inspiration is given, the hand of the recipient must be on deck to ensure that the idea translates to solutions else the more you delay, the less zealous you become.

Many want to be remunerated but do not want to go through the rigours of hardwork.

So, this unit maps out the web of actions that ensure the full delivery of positive results from inspiration to remuneration. This is what marks pneumapreneurial leaders.

Lesson outline

Lesson 1: what is the Pneumapreneurship flow?

Lesson 2: The Flow Process