Unit4: DPC

Developing a Pneuma-Capacity


To introduce the concept of capacity

To expose to students the need for fortification

To show learners how they can fortify themselves

To show Pneumapreneurs the need for capacity development


Leaders cannot succeed without the right and sustainable capacity.

Jesus says without me you can do nothing

Paul says I can do all things through Christ

Jesus says I can do nothing of my own but I do what I see my father do

So as Christian entrepreneurs, it is important that we identify ways of building our capacity in order to accommodate all that God has for us. This unit will also show us ways of fortifying ourselves against challenges that come in our Pneumapreneurial journey.

Lesson outline

This unit is divided into three major lessons

Lesson 1: What does pneuma-capacity entail?

Lesson 2: 5 major tools for fortifying yourself

Lesson 3: How to increase capacity