Unit3: 5MV

5 Minute Vision


To sensitise you on the importance of anticipating when you are waiting on the Lord and to be sensitive to any of His leading as He can choose to use anything to direct you.

To show learners the importance 5 minute vision and its application to their daily lives as Pneumapreneurial leaders.


One of the key areas of Pneumapreneurship is the ability to see and understand what God purposes for you. Paul the Apostle earnestly prayed for the Ephesian church in the book of Eph 1:18

Revelation is the mother of invention.

It is what you see and understand better than others that you are able to invent and so you are called an inventor.

To see it is to grasp it and to grasp it is to invent it as the one who gets the illumination gets to understand the intricacies of the matter. However, not everyone who sees it will grasp it because there has been no preparation or anticipation for it. Those who don’t grasp it do not become pneumapreneurial leaders

Lesson outline

This subject is broken into five lessons;

Lesson 1: Why 5 minute vision

Lesson 2: Inspiration and 5 minute vision

Lesson 3: Practical application of 5 minute vision

Lesson 4: How to develop a 5-minute picture 

Lesson 5: Benefits of 5 minutes vision