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The Faculty Team


The Faculty Teams Are

  • Oludotun Ologunebi(MA, PhD, ACIS) – Director of Studies/Head of school
  • Sunday Falowo – Student Directorate officer
  • Olayinka Arogundade – Assessment coordinator
  • Bisi Talabi – Faculty Secretary
  • Toyin Ajala – teaching
  • Fatma Lyoubi – teaching and assessment
  • Eunice Oni – teaching
  • Anthea Flanders – teaching


Dr Oludotun Ologunebi


Director of Studies/Head of school

Business Management Consultant
Business Coach/Adviser
Transformational and Motivational Speaker
Relationship Mentor

Dr Oludotun Ologunebi is a Christian Business and Management Consultant with a passion for start-ups and SMEs. She is a business coach/adviser new entrepreneurs and existing businesses and ministries to build capacities for starting and expansion. Her experience in the business world come from her entrepreneurship journey running a successful accredited training business in the UK and lecturing in business management courses in several colleges and universities both in and outside the UK.
She holds a PhD in Business Administration and an Associateship of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators, London with more than two decades experience in corporate administration.
She is an experienced Keynote and Motivational Speaker; she has fully engaged her passion and energy into developing and building Christian entrepreneurs through the establishment of Domint Int’l Christian Centre for Pneumapreneurship.
She helps individuals in the discovery and development of talents/skills for entrepreneurial and ministry purposes.

She is also a relationship mentor for young ladies going into marriage and those that are relatively new to marriage.
She is a ardent lover of God, minister of the gospel, a wife and a mother of four.

Oludotun’s personal interests vary and include song writing, singing, listening to soul-lifting music, reading, playing table tennis, walking in the park, planning events and relationship counselling.

Sunday Falowo

BSc, Msc

Student Directorate Officer

Telecommunication and Electronics Specialist
Human Resource Management Specialist
Coach and Confidence Builder
Strategic Planner

Sunday Falowo is a foremost faculty member of the Institute. He teaches at the Foundation and Leadership Certificate Levels of Pneumapreneurship Studies.
He is also the Student Directorate Officer for the Institute

Sunday holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with specialisation in telecommunication and electronics and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with specialisation in Human resource management.
Sunday has gained and gathered a wealth of experiences both in IT and management fields. His experience revolves around profit and non-profit organisations, private and multinational organisations. Some of the companies where Sunday has worked both in Africa and Europe include Spacennet Technologies, Trends continental Ltd, DCC Networks, AON, John Lewis, the Walt Disney Company EMEA, SSG, VSG, Astral plain recruitment, TESCO, CPMS, RCF, MFM, Living faith, RAC, Amazon and so on.
Sunday has attended numerous training and has been involved in jobs related to project management, Human resource management, IT services, Personal development, Change management, International recruitment strategies, mind development, cultural diversity, capacity building, strategic planning, relocation management etc. He works well with both youth and adults.
He engages with Youths on self-discovery, career development, potential maximisation, capacity building, counselling, mentoring, coaching and confidence building.
Sunday is currently serving under the leadership of Dr Oludotun Ologunebi the president of Domint institute for Pneumapreneurship studies. He is an active member of Domint institute faculty team and a trainer in the same institute.

Olayinka Arogundade


Assessment coordinator

UK CQC Registered Manager
DOMINT int’l Business Development Manager

Olayinka is a member of Dips faculty team. She teaches both at the Foundation and the Leadership & Management levels of the Pneumapreneurship Studies

Olayinka Arogundade, daughter of the most High God.
Saved by Yeshua & flourishing through the Holy Spirit.
Wife to Oluwatoyin and blessed to biologically mother two wonderful God’s heritage, Motilolaninuoluwa & Moyinoluwalogo.

Olayinka is a UK CQC Registered Manager, and the DOMINT int’l Business Development Manager.

She loves teaching and is gifted with the ability to think strategically, teach/train, & mediate for individuals/businesses.

Olayinka is passionate about mothers and children, Hence she founded Believers Mamas Hub since 2018 through an inspiration from the Holy Spirit with a vision to build a Christian global hub that supports & connects mothers to networks of expertise that will develop & empower her for GOD’s GLORY!
She believes when a mother discover & develop herself; she will be a true joy to many nations starting from her children.

Olayinka is a Business Management graduate of distinguished University of Sunderland & a post graduate student of University of Derby.
She is also a Member of Chartered Managers, United Kingdom.

Bisi Talabi


Faculty Secretary

An Influencer and Mentor who aspires to inspire, motivate and encourage women
A Radio Host
Founder of Bloomer’s World (Women’s Ministry)

Bisi Talabi is a member of the faculty team and teaches at the foundation Certificate level in Pneumapreneurship Studies.

She is an Influencer/ Mentor who aspires to inspire, motivate and encourage women in making and taking positive decisions for successful living and higher callings.

She works in the housing sector. Working with the public gives her the opportunity to meet different clients from different backgrounds and culture. This, she cherishes because as as an extrovert, it spurs her creativity and her ability to think out of the box.

She delivers training on various topics and on different platforms both in the secular world and Christian circles.

Bisi is a radio host. She presents women’s program based on the experiences of the Women in the Bible; with relevance to what women are going through today.

She is a Graduate and holds other certificates

She’s the founder of Bloomers World, a Women’s Ministry. It originated from the Holy Spirit and the aim is to assist women to look beyond where they are for higher callings by appreciating and maximising their God given potentials and revitalising hope where hope is lost by following in the footsteps of the Women of the Bible. Foundational Bible Scripture is based on 1 Corinthians 10:11

Bisi would like to be remembered as an Advocate with Voice for WOMEN, proclaiming:-
“Every woman must leave a desired legacy”
She wants to be a Voice for Women’s Empowerment and Revitalisation of Hope!

Bisi Talabi is married to Pastor Ayo Talabi. A mother of two young men and blessed with spiritual children.

Oluwatoyin Ajala

BA, MSc, MBA in view

Faculty Team - Teaching

Public health Analyst by Profession
Strategic Life Coach by Training
Writer and a Poet
founder of Pretty Pillars

Oluwatoyin is
A Woman by Design
A Wife by Calling
A Public health Analyst by Profession
A Youth Pastor by Assignment
A Strategic life coach by training
A lecturer at the Foundation Certificate Level in Pneumapreneurship Studies and
Co- Founder of the Trustbridge Academy
Popularly known as the Wordsmith

OLUWATOYIN is a writer and a poet. She delivers poetic justice in the word of God by the power of the spoken word. With the ability to effortlessly string together words, no matter their actual meaning, in an instance and in such a way that it brings a smile to the faces of those listening, sometimes often laughter or tears of admiration. She uses catch phrases and has a way with words, turning even the most boring, tedious story, into a magical and merryful story, yet by the anointing still maintaining the essence of the story.

Amongst many academic achievements such as first and second degrees in Public Health and an MBA on the way , she also holds a Diploma in Systematic Theology and several diploma certificates in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling Psychology, Leadership and Management and practices as a Leadership coach and Strategic Life Coach. She is also the campus Pastor at the Trustbridge Academy and a Public speaker as well as Key note speaker as various conferences

She has been married for 14 years to His Royal Hubbyness ( HRH) Francis- Yinka Ajala CEO Trustbridge Academy with whom she co-hosts the annual summer youth conference “Transformed “ as well as “MOET” ( Moments of Excellence with Trustbridge) and TUSC Trustbridge University Students Community where pre , present and post university students attend for peer mentoring and is the founder of Pretty Pillars , an etiquette training platform for young girls and young adults.

Fatma Lyoubi

BA, Msc

Faculty Team - Teaching and Assessment

Pastor at Eagles Christian Ministry UK
Teacher/Trainer/Tutor, Mentor, Coach, Supervisor
 Specialist trainer in Functional Skills English, ESOL, Literacy, Employability and Personal and Social Development

Fatma Lyoubi us a member of the faculty team at Dips and she teaches at the foundation certificate level of Pneumapreneurship Studies

Fatma Lyoubi is a Pastor at Eagles Christian Ministry UK, She is a Teacher/Trainer/Tutor, Mentor, Coach, Supervisor. She is currently a Delivery tutor at SIGMA Skills Training Centre.

Her academic background includes; MSc in Adult Education, Training and Development

BA in French and Philosophy, TQUK Level 3 Literacy and Language teaching, Trinity TESOL Teaching Cert

She has more than 27 years teaching experience.

She is a Specialist trainer in Functional Skills English, ESOL, Literacy, Employability and Personal and Social Development

Exam Board qualification delivery include Edexcel, City And Guilds and AEB

As a Teacher/Trainer/Minister/ Coach/ Mentor/ Supervisor, her aim is to inspire, motivate, encourage and educate others. Over the years she has worked with children and adults of various ages and backgrounds and in her own little way has helped transform and progress their lives. To God be all the Glory.

Eunice Oni

BSc, MSc

Faculty Team - Teaching

An intercessor, A counsellor, A Women Leader and A Pneumapreneure.
Coordinator of Children Ministry in a Local Church.
Safeguarding Children Through Teaching and Mentoring

Pastor Mrs Eunice Oni is a faculty member of the Institute. She teaches at the Foundation Certificate Level in Pneumapreneurship Studies

Pastor Mrs Eunice Oni, is a child of God, an intercessor, a counsellor, a women leader and a pneumapreneure by the grace of God, through the privilege given by Dr Dotun Ologunebi, the president of Domint Pneumapreneurship Ministry.
Pastor Mrs Oni, is a mother of four boys of which three of them are triplet. She is Married to Pastor Segun Oni of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries (UK). Working together as a co-labourer in the vineyard of God. She has Certificate in Biblical studies, Prayer and Deliverance Ministry.
She a teacher of the word with great passion for children. She’s the coordinator of children ministry in her local church. She derives so much joy in serving in the children department.
Her purpose is to safeguard the children through teaching and mentoring them in the word of God which is able to protect and guide them in this perilous and dangerous time.
She would love to be remembered as an ambassador of Christ with the aim of impacting her generation and finishing well the race set ahead of her.

Anthea Flanders

BSc, MSc, PhD in view

Faculty Team - Teaching

Educational Psychologist in Training
Psychological Education Consultant
Director of Thinking With Kids

Anthea is a faculty member of the DIPS team. She teaches at the Foundation Certificate Level in Pneumapreneurship Studies. She has presented at the 2020 Dips alumni retreat. She won the award of ‘Pneumapreneur of the year’ in 2019. Anthea is passionate about sharing teachings on individual’s understanding and living their God given purpose through business and ministry.

In addition to her role in DIPS, Anthea is part of children’s church and a pastoral care ministry within her home church.

Anthea is an advocate for children and young adult’s positive mental well-being. For over 14 years, she has been supporting individuals with their needs around; mental health, social-communication, and education by working with families, schools and children’s services.

Anthea has worked across several boroughs within the UK within educational psychology teams and currently has her own practice as a psychological education consultant. She is undertaking a professional doctorate in child and educational psychology. Her areas of professional research have included the academic achievement of African and Caribbean boys. More recent research has focused on adults’ perspectives of students social and emotional mental health needs and school exclusions.