Practical Unit9: FDP

From Discovery to Pneumapreneurship (D-R Plan)


To ignite the zeal in learners towards actualisation of their goal

To show the step by step guideline of preparing a D-R plan

To show learners how to manage key areas of a business or ministry

To demonstrate the importance of business ethics in successful running of a business


Studies have shown that many people go for training, development and acquisition of knowledge on a particular area but they never get round to implementation. It is not enough to know or acquire knowledge; you need the application of that knowledge which is what is referred to as wisdom. So this unit sets out the practical application of knowledge gained and a movement from just knowing to doing or living it. It also stresses the need to add a seasoning of ethics for an overall acceptance of a business or ministry

Lesson outline

Lesson 1: Setting Out

Lesson 2: Drafting your Business Plan

Lesson 3: Managing Key areas