About Us

About Domint International Christian Centre for Pneumapreneurship

Who We Are

Domint international Christian Centre for Pneumapreneurship is a not-for-profit organisation registered as a limited by Guarantee Company with charity status in the UK. 

Mission Statement

Domint int’l Christian Centre for Pneumapreneurship is set up to provide sound biblical and entrepreneurship training aimed at helping believers to identify and build their God-given talents through which they can start and grow a business, career, ministry or function that exists for the common good.
Domint Centre exists for the building up of the body of Christ and for believers’ dominion on earth in their various endeavors.  

Our Belief

We believe that gifts and talents can be expressed through businesses, ministries and careers. We encourage believers to stop wasting resources and responsibilities committed unto them by God for the benefit of His kingdom and humanity.

We are practically a teaching ministry so we carry out our mandate through seminars, forums, trainings, periodic teachings, conferences and presentations.

Our Dandate

Our mandate is to equip believers for profitable and purposeful living. We are to raise and develop Pneumapreneurs which include Christian entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, career oriented people and training in social responsibilities for the advancement of God’s kingdom. 

We carry out this mandate by assessing you based on God’s word and the help of the Holy Spirit, we help identify your area of calling, we train with all the necessary apparatus to see you take off in your calling, we coach to see that you are doing your ministry the right and the godly way, we mentor to see that you are excelling in your calling and we rejoice when we see you walking and enjoying the calling and purpose of God for your life.