About Pneumapreneurship

What is Pneumapreneurship

Holy Spirit (Pneuma) + You (entrepreneur) = Pneumapreneur
Pneumapreneurship is a word derived from two words; Pneuma and entrepreneurship. Pneuma is the Greek word for Spirit and in Christianity it stands for the Holy Spirit, the third person in trinity. Preneurship is taken from entrepreneurship which is the development of an idea from the scratch for the common good that culminates into a full business with a global perspective which is constantly evolving. It is a skill that involves the capacity and willingness to develop a business with all its attendant risks that culminates into great profit. Pneumapreneurship therefore is the idea that is inspired and coordinated by the Holy Spirit which translates into a ministry or business set up for the common good both at the local and international scene. The following are principles that govern Pneumapreneurship; – The holy spirit is the originator of the idea through revelation or inspiration: Acts 13:1-2, 1 Cor 12:7-11 – The holy spirit empowers the vessel who is referred to as a Pneumapreneur – The holy spirit governs or controls the management of the business, ministry, career or responsibility given to the Pneumapreneur – God expects fruitfulness and multiplication from the ministry, business, career or responsibility given by the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit works through a person to turn a God-given idea or gift into a phenomenon that exists for common good while bringing profit both to God and the person in whom the idea is deposited. Pneumapreneurship depicts God as an entrepreneur (Theoprenuer) as seen in the book of Matt 25:14-30 and the parable of the sower in Matt 13, Isaiah 53:11, John 15, Gen 1:28. God through His Holy Spirit works through the redeemed to achieve His purpose Phil 2:13, God is a purposeful God and everything He does is for a purpose Isaiah 45:18.

The journey to Pneumapreneurship

The word ‘Pneumapreneurship’ was given to me by the Holy Spirit on the 26th of March 2016. It is the culmination of several revelations gradually and sequentially given to me on Christian entrepreneurship and stewardship over a period of five years. The Lord prepared me severally for this journey both mentally and physically through my work experience as a head of administration, a Lecturer of Business Management in several higher institutions of Learning and as an entrepreneur running an accredited training centre in the UK with 20 years’ experience in total. My spiritual preparation has been ongoing for more than 40 years starting with tutelage from my late father Apostle Adrian OlorunfunmiOyedola (of blessed memory) and my mother Rev Elizabeth Oyedola. This is in addition to several spiritual classes the Lord has graciously taken me through both at His feet and at bible colleges. Despite my zeal and passion for the kingdom thinking I was on course for the Lord,He began to nudge me for greater and permanent commitment when I partook of the 100 days fasting and prayer organised by the RCCG worldwide in 2014.

Prior to that, in January 2010 during the 30 days fasting and prayer by Victory Int’l Church, I was praying for the establishment of a business when the Lord told me to forget about it and face His kingdom. He confirmed this with a vision of my father in the Lord Bishop Adelakun and Pastor Mrs Adelakun commissioning and anointing me to be a leader. This was also corroborated the following year with the vision of Pastor Adeboye anointing and counselling me for the ministry. I ignored all these and was bent on having a successful training business. I was busy serving the Lord or so I thought until I had a vision of His scoreboard in January 2016 where I had a very low score. I was very disappointed and began to ask what exactly would He want me do. The answer was that, I did not score low because I was not serving the Lord with all my heart, but I was not serving Him purposefully as I was not carrying out His specific assignment for my life.Then the vision was not yet plain but what was clear was that the Lord wanted more from me than I was actually giving Him. From several messages from my senior brothers who were pastors, Pastors Ambrose and SanyaOyedola, to visions from my husband Gbenga Ologunebi, revelational confirmation from my daughter Damilola and my personal encounters with the testimony of the Holy Spirit, I finally decided to surrender totally unto the Lord.  The vision became clearer after attending the Word of Faith Bible Institute organised by Winners Chapel, Dartford in February 2016. I decided to obey and step out by organising the first seminar on Christian entrepreneurship in March 2016.After prayer and fasting, waiting and expecting without knowing what the ministry would be called,  the Lord suddenly gave me the word ‘Pneumapreneurship’ on the 26th of March 2016. The scriptural background given to me immediately was from the book of Matt 25:14-30. Subsequently the books ofEph 4:11-16 (emphasis on vs 16), Rom 12:8-12, 1 Cor 12:, 2 Pet 5 and Deut 28:1,5 were added as scriptural pillars for the ministry. From the book of Matt 25, The Holy Spirit made me to understand that God is an entrepreneur and investor who has given us specific talents for specific purposes. He abhors wasting of resources and that everything He has given us is for the profiting of His Kingdom and for the common good. One day He will ask us to give an account of every responsibility He has committed unto us for He desires our multiplication and fruitfulness irrespective of how big or small we view our talent to be.

My task is therefore to encourage believers to arise and be exactly who God wants them to be, identifying and walking in the specific purpose for which they were created and saved. Their talents must be used to create ministries, businesses, careers or responsibilities which are founded upon the fundamentals of the Holy Spirit which they are going to account for one day.

Our Inaguration and Commissioning

Domint International Christian Centre was incorporated on the 25th of May 2016. The ministry was commissioned and inaugurated on the 26th of August 2017 by Bishop T.V Adelakun, the presiding Bishop at Victory international Church, with headquarters in the Rehoboth Cathedral, Ibadan, Nigeria He was ably assisted by Pastor (Mrs) Dolapo Adelakun, His wife and Rev May Salami, Senior Pastor and Founder of Europe for Christ Mission, with headquarters in the UK. To God alone be all the glory.....