Unit1: APPP

Advanced Principles of Pneumapreneurship


To build upon the first four principles of Pneumapreneurship

To show learners how to fill the gap between gifting and accountability

To stimulate in learners the zeal to pursue their calling without delay


The basic principles of Pneumapreneurship show the importance of identifying one’s gift with the attitude of responsibility and a focus on accountability with the hope of reward.

There is a great deal to be achieved between gifting and accountability and that is the essence of this unit. Pneumapreneurial leaders are those who have decided to be accountable for their gift. They understand the underlying principles for the anticipation of a successful accountability

Lesson outline

There are five lesson outlines

Lesson 1: The Principle of Identity

Lesson 2: The principle of clarification

Lesson 3: The Principle of Preparation

Lesson 4: The Principle of Adaptation

Lesson 5: The Principle of Focus